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Consolidated Draft now available for public review

The third and final installment of the draft of the County's development regulations is now available for review. New content in this installment includes land use application procedures, and general provisions, including nonconformities.


The second installment of the Clark County Development Code is available for public review!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The second installment of the Clark County Development Code is ready for public review. This installment includes Development Standards, which are all the regulations that determine how development in the County should look, and new regulations for Signs. There is also a presentation that explains the changes that have been proposed for the various code sections.

Development Standards covers landscaping, buffering and screening; off-street parking requirements; a new section on residential adjacency standards; plus site and building design standards. Public Works Development Standards are also part of this installment, as are Subdivision Design standards.

The Signs chapter proposes new regulations for both permanent and specialty (temporary) signs.

Continue to participate in the on-going effort to Transform Clark County as additional updates to the Development Code released from now through spring 2023.

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