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Consolidated Draft now available for public review

The third and final installment of the draft of the County's development regulations is now available for review. New content in this installment includes land use application procedures, and general provisions, including nonconformities.


Preliminary Plan Framework Available for Review

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Clark County Master Plan Starting to Take Shape

A preliminary framework for Clark County’s new Master Plan is now available for review. Building on what we have heard from the community to date, this document outlines six core values as a vision for Clark County’s future. In conjunction with the goals and goals and initial policy directions that support them, the core values establish a basic direction for the Master Plan. Over the coming months, these ideas will be refined and expanded upon based on additional input from Clark County residents and stakeholders.

Second Online Input Opportunity

The second of five major input opportunities planned as part of the Transform Clark County process is an online survey, and focuses on the Preliminary Plan Framework. This input opportunity is intended as an opportunity to “check-in” with stakeholders and the community on three key questions: Have we heard you correctly? Are we on the right track? Are we missing anything?

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