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Master Plan

Clark County is updating its Master Plan to establish the community's vision for the future and strategize a road map for achieving that vision.

Clark County is updating its entire Master Plan for the first time since 1983 – although individual plan elements have been periodically updated since then. The Master Plan will establish a cohesive vision and policy framework to guide the County’s decision-making for the coming decades. Clark County is a large, complex, and rapidly growing community and the updated Master Plan will engage citizens, businesses, stakeholders, and County leaders to provide input on existing conditions, community issues, and expected future trends that the County needs to address. Once a shared vision and goals for the community is established, the community will move towards developing policies to ensure day-to-day actions and decision-making support the vision and goals of the Plan. The goals will also be supported by a set of actions that can be readily implemented by County staff, elected leaders, and community organizations.

Following the update of the Master Plan, the County will be reviewing and updating the Development Code (Title 30 of the County Code), which includes ordinances for zoning, the subdivision of land, off-site improvements, signs, and other land development related issues or topics.


On behalf of the County, the project team is being led by Clarion Associates, a Denver-based consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive planning and plan implementation, with support from Denver-based MIG, a consulting firm specializing in urban design and placemaking.

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